Plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Are plumbers expensive?

If you imagine instead of going to a Restaurant for a meal you call a chef and staff to exclusively visit you, your only instruction to them is you would like to eat Italian tonight for two people. First you call three restaurants and try and get three quotes, and you tell them you want a meal served in your house for two people. When the team arrive you have decided to have a party for four people, and they then have to decide what to order, they each order four separate dishes, the chef has to leave the premise to get ingredients, and you complain that they should have everything they need since you told them it was Italian meals for 2 people, and they should have anticipated you might double the quantities required. They cook your meals serve it, wash up, this takes about four hours. Just before they leave you decide you would like dessert. They present you with a bill, you say it’s not what they estimated. Then you demand to see the cost they paid for their ingredients, and inform then you are not paying them for the time to get ingredients and they should have known what to bring, tell them you have spoken to all the other people at the table and they all think the price is too high, and also that dessert should be included in the price. You then say well leave the bill and you will think about paying it in a week or so.

Gallery: A tribute to Australian working dogs

‘AUSTRALIAN WORKING DOGS breeds were made to be tough, smart and loyal. The kelpie, Australian cattle dog (heeler), koolie and smithfield were all bred here for skills that are useful on cattle and sheep farms. And according to many farmers, these breeds turned out to be harder workers than many men. Other working breeds such as the border collie were perfected in Scotland in the 18th century, but have done well on the arid Australian land’

Great Estimating Software

These guys make great Estimating Software. Paul Funnell is a Queenslander with great vision for the needs of the Australian building and construction industry.  Highly recommended!

“CavSoft Technology have been designing and developing software for the building and construction industry since 1995. Software that will help your company, ‘Win More Work and Make More Profit’. It is an investment in your business.CavSoft Technology is No 1 in Estimating, On Screen Take-Off, Project Tracking, Service Work and Associated Accounting software.Leaders in electronic price files for trade contractors, Plumbing, Electrical, Building and Civil Contractors.”

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