Handy Hints


Dripping taps can waste up to 200 litres of water a day. Get those dripping taps fixed!


New toilets use 3 to 6 litres per flush. However, old single flush toilets use 11 litres per flush! To save water, consider upgrading your existing toilet. Remember, it's one of the most used appliances in the house and it's one of the only ones used by every member of the household.


If you are worried about hot water scolding the young or old, we can install a system that will limit the temperature of the hot water, making your house a safer place.


All gas appliances need a regular service minimum every two years. To ensure they are working efficiently and safely, get your heater and other gas connections checked before winter.


All plumbing work over $750 requires by law is to be issued with a certificate of compliance. Ensure that whichever plumber you use supplies you with a certificate of compliance, which guarantees their work for 6 years.


Upgrade your hot water system to a more efficient system to save you money.


Why waste water in your house? Install a rain water tank or water recycling system.


To ensure the plumber you use is licensed or registered, all you need to do is ask to see their ID card.


Installing a water efficient shower rose will dramatically reduce your water usage.


Knowing the location of your water and gas meter is always a good idea, as well as knowing how to turn them off if you need too.


You can obtain a copy of your sewerage plan for your property by contacting your water authority.


Bottle or LPG gas BBQ's can be modified and connected to your natural gas pipework, never run out of gas again.


Most air conditioning systems have filters. These need cleaning monthly when the system is being used.


If your toilet starts gurgling then it's starting to block up, something in the drain is restricting the air flow causing it to suck or expel air from toilets, sinks and basins.


If you notice grass and plants growing different to other areas and the ground is wet it may indicate you have a water leak or drainage problem.


Melbourne has permanent water usage rules. Gardens can only be watered with a trigger nozzle and automatic watering systems can only operate between 6pm and 10am. Cars can only be washed with a hose with a trigger nozzle.


If you have a leak and a high water bill, when it's fixed you may be able to claim a leak allowance rebate from your water authority.


Is your tap leaking? Leaking taps can waste up to 200 Litres of water a day, that's 73,000 Litres a year. More info >>