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Plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Monthly Archives: May 2014

What is a Single Detector Check Valve?

A Single Detector Check Valve backflow prevention device can be used in Victoria to provide low hazard protection for building fire water services, it incorporated a backflow protected metered bypass to detect leaks and illegal unmetered water use at low flow rates. Low flow rates will occur at any time other than when testing, flushing or using a fire hydrant. Single Detector Check valves are containment devices and require annual testing and certification to satisfy the requirements of the local water authority.

Gas Pipework on Boats and Yachts


 Copper Gas Pipework on Boats

The Australian Standards AS5601.2 for LP gas pipework on boats require that all copper pipework is to be used and that copper pipework is to be plastic coated by the manufacturer of the pipework. The copper pipe is also to be manufactured to the appropriate Australian Standard.  All appliances installed must have Approval certification to be installed.

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