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Plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Monthly Archives: November 2015

Double Rack Oven Precision Continuous Fan Gas Burner Upgrade

We recently upgraded 5 Revent 724 Ovens, and one other single rack imported oven with constant fan combustion forced draft burners.  Bentone STG146 GAS BURNER 146 KW Continuous run operation LME Flame supervision controller with DUNGS Multi bloc and the CPI switch.

The advantages of this burner and control system:

  1. On each restart the purge time is has already taken place. So effectively the burner comes on quicker, within 13 seconds of a call for heat. Especially good for long purge times.
  2. It is a single stage burner that has fixed air control so doesn’t require tedious setting of low an high fire.No need for combustion air adjustment.
  3. The burner can quickly come on and off to maintain the the set point. In particular,  we were getting -4+3degC temperature differential from set point, and in one case -2+2degC
  4. No temperature increase on low fire. Often setting low fire turn down, not low enough caused the temperature to creep above set point, or not be maintained. Causing either the burner to shut down and require a total repurge or causing over temperature lockout.


IMG_20150624_153110.391 Before Replacement
After Replacement STG146
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